01 December 2005

tomorrow is friday...sigh...

And that's a happy sigh, by the way.
I'm so looking forward to and am in need of, a weekend.
Down side: I think I'm getting sick.

I signed up for this Journal your Christmas class:
I know there is a way to make the "Journal your Christmas text all cool and linked up, but I simply do not know it.
Nor do I know how to have a cool-ass banner.
Now, I'm sure that I could learn, but I am also lazy.
Lazy or busy. Busy or lazy. Who knows.

Back to the online class.
I have never done anything like this - class online or physically.
Should be fun and exciting. Signed my rainbow girl Ashley up too :)
I am REALLY looking forward to thinking about and experiencing things in December...
No pre-Christmas fog and daze and speeding-through-everything for me this year.

Oh! My new purse.
Love it.

Isn't it cute!!?? Merry Christmas to meee...

Um what else? I have a TON to do.
My Treo device is not organizing my life like I thought it would.
I think maybe that's because I have to tell it things before it can help. Damn shame. Tee hee!

Need to clean, organize, put up lights and get decs outta storage. Yay! Dren's home.

Happy almost-Friday loves!


April said...

yay for that slammin new bag, girl! i love it!

hope you feel better!


heidi said...

tooo cute! i love the contrast stitching!

gabbyfek said...

send that purse to me
in pink, please....
boooooooo on getting sick
hurray on that online class. must go check it out, my darling G2...
yay for friday....

Ashley said...

that purse.
your thoughtfulness.
our friendship.
dren coming home.
chocolate babies.
our both deep and meaningful conversation.
love you G.

Anonymous said...

why are you always getting sick chickee????
it must be that frigid weather up north!
that, and living in an igloo and all...
hee hee hee
i WANT that purse in pink and black! what brand is it??????
Don't tease me like this!
love ya, no HATE ya!

erika said...

oooooooooh....where is that purse from??!?! I LOVVVVE IT!
fun online classes and purses...fantabulous ;) xe

Jen said...

I hate you. Not really, but I want that purse. Grr.......

Hope you feel better.

And I can't figure out a banner either. Boooooo.