05 December 2005

sick (and tired)

I swear you can catch things through blogs, email, and IMs.
And whoever sent me some nasty bug though any of these channels...
I feel like crap.
I need sleep.
I also have a ton to do.
I have a meeting tonight.
Must attend.
So please, only healthy people are allowed to talk to me in any form!!!
I'm taking Cold-Fx which is supposed to be some miracle cure-all.
I think I started too late.
But perhaps I can nip the next bug in the bud (omg that sounds so dumb).
Sorry no fabulous-ness to share.
Wish I could afford to buy you all a bag for merry merry.
But I do love you.
Bye for now!


Jen said...

Ummm...I think I talked to you last week, and I had pneumonia. Wait, I still do, but I'm not contagious. I hope I didn't send you my germs through the magic of the internet. :)

Feel better Gen.

Anonymous said...

are you feeling better yet????
my poor little canadian waif friend! love you!

April said...

i am NOT sick! so its NOT my fault! hee hee!

i shall spread the cure-all for sickness...i already told missy...its tylenol severe cold/congestion. pure magic.

hope you feel better!


Ashley said...

i love that you said merry merry.
and i won't get you sick.
maybe pregnant :o)
but not sick.

love you.
we MUST do these damn christmas entries!!!!


erika said...

ahhh gen!
feel better....
"merry merry"...
you are the cutest...

Jodi said...

Hope you feel better! I am well, so I hope I don't catch anything through your blog!