20 December 2005

holy crap

Is it seriously the 20th of December?
Man oh man how time flies. I SWEAR yesterday there were 10 days left.
I have nothing to say. This might be why I have not updated my blog in a few.
All I want is to be on holidays with TV movies on, my xmas tree a-blaze (with light, not fire), eggnog in my cup and a clean scrap space to create my little heart out.
What am I doing instead? Sitting here at work looking out at the grey rainy day and thinking about lists and such. But hey. At least work is not too busy and I'm able to sit and daydream and chat :)
We're going to see Narnia tonight. So looking forward to date night with my babe.
Mum's babysitting. Mum's are the best.
Smoocharoonies you loony toonies!


Missy said...

I am feeling your pain, sister. Totally feeling your pain.

April said...

aw work sucks! i have to go back tomorrow...blech.

yay for date night!


Jen said...

Lemme know what you think of Narnia. And make you you go see King Kong at some point, it rocks!!

And I'm with you...HOW I wish I was not at work. So much I could be getting done. BOOO.


Ashley said...

smoocahroonies you loonie toonies.
thats why i love you.
if i ever forget...
tell me that line.
there is only four days left.
thats insanity.
when i was a kid it took FOREVER.
now its like the speed of light.
we're going to vegas hooker.

Robyn said...

i can't believe it's sneaking up so fast too! I finally -started-my Xmas shopping.....yesterday!

Kathy said...

hey girlie! Have you I told you today just how freekin amazing and talented you are :)