21 December 2005

fof baby!!!

i am SO excited about this

sweet kah-mei presented this awesome opportunity to me and i am so grateful. how cool to be a guest designer for a company making such AMAZING & FUN product!!!

fontwerks rocks. happy to finally be able to share this with my peeps.

LAST DAY OF WORK TOMORROW plus staff dinner at a super yummy restaurant AND a slammin new 'do (i am now a brunette with new bangs). Plus the Fontwerks newsletter. Wow. Such a good day.

here's some of my faves. love y'all.


Dagmar said...

This is absolutely beautiful, Gen! I love love love what you did with the picture - gorgeous!!!!!

April said...

omg i am SO glad you shared! congratulations girl! it is so so so well deserved...you are amazing and i know you will do amazing things.



Ashley said...

i am so very proud of you sweet G.
this is only the beginning.
you have HUGE things in store for you.
just don't go and get all big-headed ok?
cuz i can't have that.
and you would be one annoying hotel mate....
love you to pieces...

gabbyfek said...

awwww, gen!
so exciting....
LOVE that layout of lena. and the one of jax. and the one of you.
i guess that means i love 'em all.
so super cool, my dear.....
you amaze me.

Missy said...

you are so so so very talented... it just blows me away... and you're a sweet pea to boot! BONUS!!
love you, babe!!

Anonymous said...

how beautiful are YOU!?!?!?!
omg gen!
i checked out that pic at the fontwerks site and you're soooooo pretty!
which i of course knew, but it still blew me away.
hot and talented all in one...
yes, i definitely hate you tons!

christina cole said...

wow...wow...wow!! these are AMAZING! you are seriously SO talented! :)

Amber said...

shit! how did i miss this?!?!?
I will tell you how.
I have been so damn busy i have not been able to chat w/ my sweet hippie mama....trust me...i ain't happy bout it.
I am thrilled about this.
You SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO deserve it babe.
you are uber talented and i cannot wait to freakin meet ya and give you huge huggins!!! :o)
congrats love.

Jen said...

I already told you how I feel about this. I think it's freaking amazing...and so damn deserved! LOVE!!

Christina said...

omg G...........this is friken fantabulous!!!!!!!! WOW!!!!

so gorgeous laday...your lo's always rock!

Lu said...

these are absolutely excellent. love your style.