12 January 2008


I'm really sad about Scrapologie. It was like a scrapbooking touchstone for me...a way to keep in touch with some of my favourite people and artists in this crazy little community. I love scrapbooking...I love it alot. It's just that I've kind of pulled away from it lately, to be honest. I've been in a creative rut in general...Christmas was pretty difficult for me this year. I've been spent emotionally and creatively. I want it back so bad. I've been dabbling in making jewellry again...that's been fun. And so now, as The Scrapologie Era comes to an end, it's a good time to re-group, get re-energized and also just have some time to relax and play for a bit. As you may have read, the dares is gonna take a quick hiatus as well. in support of the writer's strike, you know. and we are BACK with a vengeance on lippity leap year with a whole new bag of tricks.

and in the meantime, i'm having a blast moving into my new office and working out the work/play kinks.

this post via ae so hit home.

today Jaxon and I went to the park with Momo. What an excellent time. Jax insisted on going to the park with the Spiderman climbing thing ...the one that's near to the licker store. It always makes me feel like a fabulous parent when my child lists the "licker store" as a landmark near to the playground. ahem.

I kicked ass cleaning the house tonight. Seriously. Jaxon went up to play with Carmichael and I got busy on the house. De-cluttering, putting things away in the places they belong (such a weird concept, I know). Emptied and refilled and emptied the dishwasher (have I mentioned loving having a dishwasher?) All surfaces sufficiently tidied, candles up in appropriate spots, aromatherapy happening in my office. Ahhhh. Good times. And baaad backpain after!! Am I like 90!?

Jaxon and I are both suffering from exema this winter (at least I think we are!?). It's kind of irritating being itchy and dry all the time.

Alright. 10:54pm and I have just returned from the kitchen, where for some insane reason I felt the need to blurt out "who wants chocolate chip cookies!!??" to which dren replied "ah yeah...what kind of questions is that?" and jaxon replied "yeah, mama, what kind of question is that?". Little clone. A self-admitted little clone. God I love those boys. And our new little girl :)



staceyfike said...

congrats!! ?

Jennifer said...

delurking to say congrats!! :)