14 December 2007

i'm so into

I'm so into living my life these days.
I'm so into getting by on the small amount of energy I have.
I'm so into being home every day when Jaxon gets home and asking him "how was your day".
I'm so into going through my friends' purses and stealing:
1. Revlon Bedroom Eyes Powder Liner in "Plum Wicked" (because she never wears it), and;
2. L'Ancome Juicy Tubes Ultra Brilliant Lip Gloss in "Fizz" (because she has enough lip glosses)

I'm so into the multi-pack of Big Rock Brewery beer we have in our fridge. Yum.

I'm so into getting into the Christmas spirit. In fact, I started a mini album entitled "The 12 Days of...Me"

I'm so into The Dares again. I love the renewed sense of energy we're all feeling. Love it.

76:best improvement:i LOVE this page. Red Velvet Kit Club. MMM. Scrumptious.

77:letter to yourself XX# of years ago. mine's to me when i'm like 19. and it's in the lil envie. kind of deep and private. there's a sticker on this layout that we can't see anymore (it was showing but i hid it) that says "a major regret". that is how i sometimes feel. other times, i think...what the hell...i wouldn't be me if i didn't choose that.

79:and then there's the fantabulous hand-made dare from our one and only 2007 LSS winner, Julie. She's a creative girl, that one. I love seeing that. My hand-made came from one of the base/table-cover/experimental pieces of cardstock that happened to be on the table and/or in the vicinity when I was making my paper. Stamps, paint...you name it. The part that would probably be the most controversial in terms of "hand made" is the strip at the bottom...whatever. It's a starbuck's bag handle un-wound. I had a hand IN in...but hand-made...ultimately, no. So sue me ;) They still my girls...and yes, I still love 'em.



kristel said...

So what it's not my life to think about it.....

gabbyfek said...

i love this post.
just had to tell you that.