03 September 2007


So sorry that this took so long to post...I had fantasies of printing out the comments, cutting them up into little strips (this would be on scrap paper already printed on one side, doing my part with the Three Rs and all...) and getting Jaxon to throw them gleefully into the air and choose a totally random winner. Buuuuut...it didn't happen that way. He's a busy lil man, you know! He's got peeps! He's got obligations and commitments with various 5 to 11 year olds! He's got movies to watch and toys to play with and big Crayola murals to colour, you know. So we did a scrolly trick. Totally not scientific, but random enough. And the winner is! Da-da-dummmmmm!!!!

ugusti_73 / Anna said...

Yey, how exciting!!! I'd love to get one!!

Something inspiring: YOU! and the rest of the Dare-girls,
Flickr.com & scrapinstyletv.com
are two of the most inspiring sites I know.

1:28 AM

So send me your addy girlfriend! And when I place my next Dare Book order, I will most certainly do this again. It was fun, as always. Thanks for playing, and thanks for all the fun comments and inspiring places and thoughts.

Planning a trip to Saturna to see me mama next weekend. Yay!


Augusti_73 said...

Iiiiiiiiiiiiiih!!!!!!!!!!!! I won, I won, I won!!! =)))))) I'm the luckiest girl!! THANKS!

Tina said...

you are the luckiest girl!

congrats anna ;)

Rhonda said...

darn...was so dreamin

help me out here...I can't get the dare site to come up. Did it happen again?