18 August 2007

seriously, this time

The Dares! we're back! we're happening!

there is something like a huuuuuge learning curve when you decide to start a website by yourself, not being trained as a web designer, programmer, or computer technician of any sort whatsoever. but i think that might actually make it that much more rewarding...as long as people don't get sick of waiting for us to get our shit together!! apparently we're on a bit of an old & crusty server so if you have any issues, please try refreshing or if that doesn't work, checking back a little bit later...i guess we'll need some patience from people (including ourselves!) for the next little while. you should have heard kristi screaming and cursing on the phone just after i had woken up this morning. oh lordy...this is a true test. we'll be adding info and dares and all that from now on...it WILL be great!

now that THAT'S out of the way, i'm feeling serious need to make stuff. so i'm gonna. got the august ologie kit to work on, and a bunch of other stuff that i want to get out just for fun...including The Gratitude Project!

here's my dare page from this week. dare: scrap your weakness. a cool one for interpretation. mine is about how i really get caught right up in taking pictures of jaxon...weaknesses can be good things too, right?

I used 7G and Fontwerks, and drew a grid on the AC thickers to tie them in w/ the grid rubs. The best thing for me to do when I haven't felt creative is to really bring myself back to the basics of product I love and is easy to use.

Grateful for computer geeks and technology and forums where you can research stuff you don't know anything about but need to learn in the next 7 minutes because you've made a website go live before it's really done.


Jamie said...

LOVE the dare!
Can't wait to go play on the site!

Amy said...

WooHoo! I know you've been working hard on this. Congrats on getting it back up!

Mara said...

you amaze me.
love that LO.