17 July 2007

takin you way back. back into time.

My sisters and mother (decidedly not dressed up) and I on Saturday night. Why do we look like a bad scene from the 80s? This was the scene all over Rhi's house as she hosted a "Stuck in the 80s" party for her man. Aren't we divine? I especially like how somehow all the shots are so badly set up that they actually could be from the 80s. Just like us. There was a live band (consisting of the brother in law and his compadres...just a tiny bit rusty but super fun) and we jammed to the 80s all night. The police came (hmmmm...live band perhaps?) and we had mini burgers and nachos and potato skins and jello tequila shooters and long island ice teas. Yowza. I did lots of hair, which was actually the most fun, and I decided that night that I really should have been a makeup artist. As long as I could do purple and pink and blue eye shadow on everyone and use at least a bottle and a half of Final Net, I'd be a hot commodity.

hot stuff.

For my FedEx Ground shipment being ready to go and out of my hair. It was a bitch to put together. Now please no one lose it.


Missy said...

oh my gosh.
I am dying.
you are KILLING ME.
Oh how I wish I was at THAT PARTY!!
(and you're still adorable with a hundred pounds of makeup/hairspray)

jenjock1 said...

that looks like SO MUCH FUN!

Candice P.J. said...

Come On, Eileen, that is an AWESOME photo!

sarah said...

oh how FUN!
that photo is STRAIGHT out of the 80's! what a fun party!

Nicole Carro said...

Love the 80s party - you girls look awesome! I won a Lazar package through the Dares and wanted to tell you I LOVE the Cellular papers - so beautiful.

steph said...

Ha! I LOVE the 80's photo. We had an 80's party when I was in beauty school and that was the best day of school we ever had. It's so hideous and yet so fun!