31 May 2007


One heckuva week, it's been. In some ways, 4 days of sick kid seems to have gone so fast...tomorrow is Friday already! In some ways, not so much. There is something about a sick kid that feels like it's never going to end. There's something about finding out that he's got an ear infection and the beginning of a throat infection and is prescribed antibiotics and is about 75% recovered within 24 hours that is such a relief.

Yesterday I couldn't sleep, thinking about all of the work waiting for me and what were we going to do, knowing Jaxon wouldn't be ready for school. I woke up around 3:00 and started work at 4:00ish. This morning, I arrived at work at 6:00. Trying to get in as much time as I could before racing home to relieve Dren so he could leave for work at 10:40. Squeezing every possible second out of the day. I've been tired, but also happy and highly productive. The same thing happened the last time J was sick. We spend so much GOOD time together. He said to me on Tuesday "I love the way you take care of me when I'm sick mama." I said "Oh yeah? How's that?" He said "It's just so great." Being a parent is tough sometimes, but oh-so rewarding.

We're going to go outside and do some planting in a bit. Seeing as how he's 75% better and all...let's get some fresh air.

Spring bouquet from Aunty Aley's garden:


Kim said...

Those flowers are beautiful.... almost hard to believe they came from someone's garden versus a florist shop!!!

T bag said...

Its a good thing I have your blog to catch myself up on all your goings on. Yes...I am actually reading it instead of just looking at the scrap book stuff.

I love you my dear.