03 April 2007

he's shorn!

my baby got a haircut. his 4th.
he's so cute. i wanna smoosh him.
(with hugs and kisses)
(like that's gonna happen)

do you love the fake smile?
he is such a poser lately...it's hilarious.

working on stuff for the new lazar store tonight. fun!


Eminepala said...

Hi Genevieve...

what an AWESOME little guy... I LOVE LOVE LOVE this pic ;)

Have fun creating

stephaniehowell said...

ha, he's so cute. love that smug look and those gorgeous curls.
can't wait to see new goodies!!!

Missy said...

and I love the "smile"
little stinker :)

Wendy Bretz said...

Love those curls!
what a cutie!

Amber Nichole said...

he is so big!
the weeman grows an inch each day...
i swear.

gabbyfek said...

he looks about a year older since i was there.
how is that possible?!?!