11 April 2007

art IS therapy

No kidding. It's my thing. That thing that makes me feel better. Bottom line. I have been in a funk a little bit. Not a huge funk, but just kinda blah.

Last night was pseudo Monday (with the real Monday being a holiday and all) and so that was a very Monday-ish night. Neighbours around, kids playing...feeling kind of like it's still the weekend but with that Monday-ish mellow, slightly depressed vibe.

Tonight though, was mine. Something happened today that felt a little bit fateful. So I bit into that and had a really good evening. We had dinner, I said no to Jaxon and meant it and stuck with it and it didn't end in a meltdown and/or a fight, Dren and I joked around as per usual and then Dren put Jax to bed and I watched ANTM and the Canucks and just played.

And it was therapeutic. It was for this week's dare, and what I thought at first was virtually impossible or at the very least very very difficult, I went with it and was led in a completely different direction from what I originally was thinking. But it was therapy and it felt good. And that's what I love about art/scrapbooking/journalling...all that shit. Love it. With a hugely appreciative passion.



stephaniehowell said...

i'm glad to hear that gen..that sometimes it can be what it's intended to be...and actually be healing. not stressful or blah...but good.

can't wait to see it.

jill s said...

i'm so with you on that. art really is therapy...i start to lose my mind if i go too long without doing something artsy.

hey...question for ya. do you have a link where i could buy your paper? i'm dying to use some to cover one of my chipboard albums!


sarah said...

I agree...
it IS therapy.
can't wait to see what you created!

Anna-Marie Still said...

I agree, I've been taking a stand for me-time. Not from my family, but more from life in general. Carving out big chunks of time for me to grow artisically, evolve some more. Maybe it's the whole butterfly metamorphasis thing. You know - spring and all?
Don't know for sure, but I'm on your wavelength girl!

I'm diggin'ANTM!

Nat said...

That is true art is therapy and a very good one!!!

gabbyfek said...

love this for you.
big time.