20 March 2007

i know, i suck.

i'm still sick.
my eyeball is still flaming.
and i have NOT shipped any paper yet.
i still have to get the stuff to ship it, and due to illness and whatnot, have not.
i know, i suck.
i'm in a bit of a life rut.
and i guess that's just the way it goes sometimes.
but i know it won't last forever.
and so, i say "i know, i suck" with the knowledge that someday soon i can say:
"i don't suck, and i know this" or something like that.

oh, and ps.
i'm currently really frustrated with photobucket.
what is up with bandwidth exceeded when i made a new account and have like 5 photos in there?
and being in a most crappalicious mood right now, i'm just SO not in the mood for that.


amy.k said...

Sorry to hear you're feeling so down. Life ruts SUCK. Here's to hoping you break out of yours soon! And maybe it helps to know that people you don't even know are rooting for you :o)

ania said...

*comfort* tried flickr? They're nice afaik.

Caroline said...

feel better!
and hope you're out of the life rut soon.

Stacy said...

Blueberries, carrots, avocado... all good for eye health. Or else by way of mind over body, you can think yourself better. Good luck with the eye... hope you feel better soon.

gabbyfek said...

don't put any advocado IN your eye, please.....
eye love you.
eye miss you.
eye am not funny.
yes eye am.
feel better soon, angel girl.
love you oodles

sarah said...

you do not suck.
life ruts are the ones that suck.

Ruth Pannell said...

I am also in a rut, it helps to know I am not alone... got so much to do, so little energy... you are amongst those that understand. Way I see it is, you have to get down before you get up!

~*AMY*~ said...

sending your eye many wellness vibes