07 February 2007


So not normally me, but this is going to have to wait til tomorrow. I'm SORRY ladies! I had SUCH a long day and am just sitting down @ the computer right now, as J is being read to by his daddy. No name picking for him today! I'm thrilled with the response though, and can't wait for J to pick 3 (or maybe 5 *winkwink*) names from the list tomorrow!

May everyone be having sweet dreams.


Breanne Crawford said...

dude! take your time.

you and your life comes first. always.

Kelly S. said...

lets see 3 winners gives us a 1:16
but 5! that would make it a 1:9 chance of winning.......I'll check back later ;)

Cindy said...

Hi ya Gen, just popping in to say hello -- I hope all is well. I've been a busy bee with scrappy stuff and life in general so not too much blogging time for me. Take care. C. (R.B.)