14 February 2007

happy heart day!

Look what I got at 3 in the morning (D was so excited he couldn't wait to show me):

And he said: "I hope you don't mind I used your stuff". I'm so lucky.

Happy Valentine's Day to all! xoxoxoxog


gabbyfek said...

that is making me ridiculously happy.
could he be sweeter or better?!
i say no.

Nisa said...

aaaaah! he scrapped for you??
that's so rad.
I dreamt the other night I saw Ben scrapping and I was like "What?? What are you doing??" - all excited like... and he said "yeah, I scrap" like it was no big deal.
Love the boy scraps!

jill s said...


you are lucky.


Breanne Crawford said...

awwrrR!!! thats SO sweet!!!

Anna-Marie Still said...

Ahh.... the way to a scrapper's heart! He "did done good" this year, eh?

Happy Valentine's Day!

Tammy said...

Incredibly sweet of your man hunk Gen :)

Happy Valentines to you and yours

Alison said...

that is just so sweet!

***tiffany said...

The best part I think is how much "stuff" he used...Awesome.

Vee said...

that is so awesome!!

Heidi said...

so sweet, you are a lucky girl.

Kirsten said...

too freaking adorable for words.
and you deserve it.
I know this from real life experience.

Dares said...

Holy crap how hot you guys are!!! That hair is adorable.

Dren rules.

Dares said...

Yeah, that's me. K. Ooops.

Kathy Bishop (aka scrappinkat) said...

sww Gen that is sweetest! He is some talented (and I bet he doesn't realize just how lucky he is that he didn't use your Hambly hey ;) )

Happy Valentine's my dear.

danielle said...

you've got a gem there, Gen! you two are so *sweet* together. :-) it's refreshing!