18 January 2007

i'm alive!

seriously just feeling semi-human again......i'm such a wimp i HATE being sick. the fact that i feel like i lost about 5 days at this present point in time in my life is also super irritating. i no longer have 2 weeks to get ready for my trip, but one. sweet baby jesus...please keep me well. and energized and motivated and with cooperative husband and child and creative and organized.

i done 'bin tagged. christina...oh christina...you're lucky i love you. viral webgames make my eyes roll and my head throb. but i'll suck it up and consider it some good clean fun.

Reveal 5 things little-known things about me...
1. When I was about 10 I left my retainer in a napkin and threw it away after lunch at school. My dad made me go with him into the dumpster out back to try to find it. Yuck man!
2. My work keyboard has a lot of crap in it. I guess I should maybe not eat over it.
3. A chunk of my ear is missing because when I was little (5...?) I fell onto a metal pump in the playground. I vaguely remember looking like a wounded soldier for a while.
4. I need a pedicure. Bad.
5. I'd love to visit India.

I can't wait to go home today and play. Weeeeeeee!


jamaica said...

Oh Gen--digging for the retainer, ah ahahaha ahaha! That brings back so many memories. I'm sure there are more than a few people who've done their share of digging through the trash. My napkin wrapped retainer was lost at the cabin where my great-uncle burned the paper. Not only did I have to dig through the garbage I had to sift through the ashes in the fireplace. Needless to say, retainers weren't meant to survive a fire!

Anonymous said...

Oh man the dumpster?
Did that more than a few times.
Did I mention how much i LOVE your paper?

erika said...

dumpster story is nasty.
umm...i am sorry you were sick...that totally sucks. i'm right there w/ you...feel like i lost a month w/ one or the other of us sick....man.xxxxe