03 November 2006

i love

i love amy butler fabric. like i'm hardcore back in love with it. (re)found my stash. all over it. now to bust out the sewing machine again.

i love fridays. not only is it my last day of work, but it's also dare day (duh).
this week, an extra-special super international dare, featuring a page by each of the girls from the aussie dares, the new zealand dares, and the uk dares! and well, of course, us, the north america version too. each group submitted a dare and combined we have this 4 part dare. theme: childhood memories.
cover every inch of your page (mine's covered in muslin...)
title must be on the photo.
throw in some paint.
i thought it would be impossible, but it was totally fun...and what a blast to join forces with women all over the world in our scrapping-dareage madness!
covered a piece of white cardstock in muslin (as per above)
+slipped some AB fabric into a little vinyl pocket made for mini-discs
+plopped some HS chipboard alphas on the photo
+used my favourite white pen for more title action and journalling
+a LSW butterfly stamp
+HS journalling spot
+MM paint
+ a staple
+ a rhinestone
= a page i love
(it's so nice when that happens)

i love being on a cleaning/purging binge. LOVE it. i think d's starting to get a little freaked out though. where did my calm and relaxed wife go? are we really back to this anal-retentive crazy cleaning all the time persona? damn....please don't start nagging me all the time again...
(i'll do my best)
(but i am loving having a cleaner, tidier (sp?) house, so basically, look out boys)

i love gabby.
and i'm sooooo excited to pick her up @ the airport on sunday!
we are totally gonna rip it up vancouver styles.
actually, we'll probably mostly sit around in our PJs drinking tea and watching the rain fall. but that will be just as much fun, if not more.

i love the rain.
right now, it's not bothering me one bit. being inside, cozy, with a warm cup of something...listening to it on the room or window or just watching it fall. totally calms me.
ask me again in 6 months when it's still raining....

i love you for reading my blog!


Jamie said...

1. I LOVE your page.
2. Rain rocks.
3. So does cleaning.
4. Have so much fun with G1. :)

Missy said...

you are the coolest...
I love your page and your happiness over a tidy home :)
have fun with gabs...
I am sure you will ;)

Nicole said...

Sounds like fun Gen!!
Love your page! Girl, you are so stinkin' talented!Have a great weekend - MISS YOU!:)

Vee said...

love your page
have an awesome weekend

Sarah said...

whoo HOO! Love the dare, and I know your weekend will be gab-alicious!!!

Caroline said...

i love that page
like serously love it!!

Anonymous said...

Could you BE any cooler?

Lisa said...

I love your page! And I, too, am in love with Amy Butler fabric.

I am in the middle of a minibook that shows a day in my life for one week... and the one page that I showed on my blog has some of my fabric stash... with lots of AB! http://lisacohen.typepad.com/my_weblog/2006/11/247_minibook_so.html

But the REAL reason I just have to comment is to share this in case you haven't already heard! http://lisacohen.typepad.com/my_weblog/2006/10/amy_butler_come.html
Amy Butler is coming to scrapbooking (via K&Co)!! YIPEE!! I am so excited. And her new line of fabrics looks yummy too.

Thanks for the inspiration on your pages as always. I am going to try to hop in on the Dares because I love the challenges and everyone's creativty. IT's infectious!! :-) Hope you are having a good weekend.

hip said...

hey lady
i hope you and gabby have a fabulous visit!
enjoy your time totgether!

Alissa said...

love the dare page!
love the rain, right now, anyways...(in 6 onths, not so much!)
hopr you have a have a fab time with gabby!


Dawn said...

WOW Gen... stunning LO - I hoard fabric too - even the smallest of pieces LOL

Lala said...

Love the LO and the dare is well.. overwhelmingly awesome!

I love how much you fit into this one post.. you are too cute.. and could you send some of that cleaning incentive this way- maybe not cleaning so much- but I could use the energy!!