10 November 2006

as promised, g squared

gabby sent me a few pix, so here we go.

how friggin CUTE is she!!????

me & dren. wow...that's a shot that doesn't happen very often (thanks g1!)

THIS is a shot that almost never happens...so precious to me.

us. kissin.

and this. ha! dren grabbed my butt then went for the boobs. it was funny.

she even named the shots "hilarious" "cuteness" "ilovethisshot".
sigh. missin the gabby. lovin the photos.
and it's the weekend!

dare from this week. i don't like the resulting page, but that's what happens sometimes, right? a little birdie told me it may be the big chunk of vertical pp that's throwing it off. she might be right. there are elements i'm satisfied with, so i'll just have to repeat them some other time (the ghost letters, stamped with purple onion stamps, the vertical handwritten title, and journalling on the photo (totally inspired by megs).

ok. time to go make sm'art! :)


ArtsyMama said...

*Love* the pics AND the lo!

Anonymous said...

omgosh Gen dear you are such a ham! I just love the pic of D grabbing your "parts" too funny :D It is so great to see you and j all huggy and cute. Your pics make me happy - so glad you and G1 had a great time, although I had NO doubts!

Your layout is quite the contrast to the pics you know. But I totally hear ya.


Missy said...

oh I love those pics..
makes me miss you and gab so so so much.

Anonymous said...

those pics are the best
and your scrappage is unbelievable

Sarah said...

I saw this LO on the dare site and I loved it! I think it's great :-)

Caroline said...

i love those pics
and the LO!

Dawn said...

Stunning photo's Gen... you look so different to you in your little avvy. And I LOVE the LO... so there!!! :) XX

sarah said...

love the phots.
but especially that last photo of you and D...
LOVE it. Love the pure joy, uninhibited smile on your face.

gabbyfek said...

nuh UH
i miss you the mostest
but those photos make me haaaaaaaappy.
i love the dren.
and the jaxon.
and of course
my g2.
and all your rockin' scraps.

Klala said...

i am jealous.
dren is hot.
so is jax.
miss you.