31 October 2006

happy pumpkin day.

it was a good one.
jaxon had a great time.
me too.
now i'm soooo tired.
long day.
time for bed.

here is the ninja in all his glory.
i was alble to put an undershirt, long-sleeve turtleneck and a sweater under this bad-boy of a costume. so he made for a chubby little ninja. he didn't mind. and he was warm and cozy. and yes, he sucked on the mask we made him out of a t-shirt. you should have seen it by the end of the night. he showed off ninja moves, said trick or treat and thank you and have a super happy halloween to almost every house we visited. and we now have way too much candy for one household to have. next year, my goal will be to actually carve some pumpkins (oh the shame) and experience a little more of the lead-up fun prior to the day. but for this year, the day was just perfect for us. g'night.


Missy said...

he has got to be the cuddliest ninja I have ever seen!!
love him...
and I'm so glad you had a wonderful, yet tiring night :)

Lala said...

He's a doll... gotta love the extra stuffing you need for cold Halloween nights!


Dawn said...

and a great looking Ninja he is too :)

ArtsyMama said...

Love the costume!!!

Nicole said...

the j. man makes one very cool ninja!

Caroline said...

love this ninja-ness!