20 October 2006

Friday...and I'm so thankful.

Same as every week...Friday comes along and I'm happy happy happy. I wonder if that means I don't like my job anymore? I hadn't really looked at it from that perspective before.

I am excited to play with some new stamps I got...I'm excited about a new project...I'm excited to scrapbook with the November kit from Memory Creators...I'm excited to make my sister's birthday present (her birthday is...uhm...tomorrow)...I'm excited to be @ home tonight w/ my boys and go for ice cream. I'm excited to sleep in later than 6:30 tomorrow morning...I'm excited to watch The Notebook and maybe even Love Jones (again) on my laptop while I scrapbook. I'm excited to drink my coffee tomorrow morning in front of the computer at home...I'm excited to get ready for (and attend) my sister's 40th birthday bash...60's style.

And I'm also excited to share this week's dare...brought to you by the one and only Laura Kurz. Love the girl and her style. Memorabilia y'all...scrapit. Dangit.

The scan is horrible terrible no good very bad day, I know, but it's a lumpy page...forgive me. The memorabilia bits are from the box of Freestyle books I got way back when. I kept them, knowing the opportunity would present itself to scrap 'em. Dotty line rubons by Fontwerks, sticker strip thingy by 7Gypsies, the canvas flowers are AL and the round circle stamp is Lazar StudioWERX. Hmm...interesting. There's more stuff on this page than it looks like.

OK over and out and have an awesome weekend!


Anna-Marie Still said...

Shh!! Don't tell the others but I love your's best!!! Maybe it's because your "memoribillia" is just the kind of thing I'd save too! I love all the extra corrugated scrappy stuff!

I was able to whip together a layout for this dare quick - cause I save lots of stuff too! It's already posted to the Dares, my blog & two peas! Fastest dare I ever did!

Sounds like you are going to have an awesome weekend! Enjoy!

ArtsyMama said...

Sounds like you're up to some cool stuff. Can't wait to hear more about it:) Love this lo. What a neat thing to remember!!

Caroline said...

loooooove it!!

Anonymous said...

totally cool way to remember the freestyle life :D Looks awesome girl!!!

Lu said...

what a fun dare. i really like your take on it.