21 July 2006

yipee yi yo

it's friday!
i'm a happy happy girl.

a few people have asked about the stores i visit.
it's true, there aren't many in my area.
but a good not-so-local scrap store is worth a little travel time right?

my all-time favouritest store ever is in washington. yes, that's right. across the border. depending on border lineup (go with a friend...you won't even notice...right renee?) it takes about 1.5 to 2 hours give or take from vancouver.

Treasury of Memories
while all scrap stores make my heart skip a beat, this store makes it flutter.
i LOVE the environment. the staff are friendly and helpful, the sheer volume of product is amazing, but best of all they carry the latest and greatest of what i love, plus tons of unique and interesting stuff. yep. love 'em.

the others that i visit are:

Precious Memories in langley (which is the store i was at earlier this week with the kick ass paper sale)...and may i just mention that tonight and tomorrow they are having 2 for 1 idea books AND 50% off EK success (and they have some super cute stickers!)...yikes! i might have to go back!

Photo Express in Maple Ridge (they have an awesome abundance of product...like seriously AWESOME). also a photo developer & camera store. dangerous :)

Making Memories with Scrapbooking...a teeny tiny little store on Hastings in Burnaby that is packed with goodies. Super friendly staff here too.


Scrapbook Warehouse. although i don't visit this store very often, it's nice to have a store that is close by if i'm in a pinch for adhesive, and their selection of bazzill is rockin. they focus more on traditional scrapbooking and not so much on carrying the latest and greatest product. and that is understandable...there is a market for that! it's not me...cuz i'm wild and crazy and i have a shopping problem with a passion for anything new and delicious...but hey, it's totally for some!

and i think that's about it!

oh...and it's dare day. you might recognize the photo on my page from my blog post a while back. i had printed one out and then i spilled coffee on it, so it landed on a piece of cardstock that i had cut out the zig-zaggy edge from to use for something else, got paint and glue on it, threw in the garbage, and then pulled out to use for table protection while painting something else, then used as a plaything/experiment because i just felt like spreading some gesso and paint around...and voila! it was fun.

oh and another thing...
i've been thinking about colour. rather, lack thereof in a lot of my projects. i've realized i'm a pretty neutral, monotone kinda girl when it comes to art. that said, i LOVE colour and i want to start experimenting more and using it more. last weekend i was playing around and used a bit. loved it. felt so good to just play around...no pressures, no assignments, just playing. felt so good to use BLUE ink for stamping instead of black or brown. felt SO good.

i guess i kinda had a lot to say.
thanks for hanging out!
sending tons of love out to all of you.


jewels said...

Ha! I have discovered your weakness! Monochromatic pages!

yea... that's alright. My kryptonite is my fear of embellishments.

::eek! flowers! Sceery!::

PS- (for a gal who says she doesn't use it much, you sure did a fab job on this lo. and you've got to be kidding us about that coffee, trash photo story. did you really do all that or you just putting us on!? LOL! )

sarah said...

you're a rock star.
you took that out of the trash and made it AMAZING!
go Gen! :)

LOVE the stamping on the Jax page...too cute!

Treasure of Memories...
I've heard they have great classes too.
I might have to make a little weekend and go up there sometime...
I'm only a state away! :)

chaos_chic said...

Thanks for sharing the places you shop. I think I might make the trip down to Treasury of Memories, seeing as I live in White Rock its only about a half hour for me. Ive seen it mentioned before too so now with your vote it means I will have to go have a look, thanks again for sharing.

Lilli said...

Thanks so much for the awesome shopping info!

I hadn't thought to go across the border, probably because I hardly ever do.

I TOTALLY didn't know about Precious Memories!! Gotta check that out sometime soon.

Photo Express I've looked up online and have been meaning to check out. I guess their name sounds more like a photo developing place than a SS, so I wasn't sure if it would be worth the trip.

I feel the same way about Scrapbook Warehouse.

Great save on your dare page!

Thanks again. You're the Best :)

Sofia said...

I'm on the design team at Treasury of Memories. LOVE that store! :-)

Lu said...

i absolutely love your work, G. And your dare was downright off the hook!!

Missy said...

love you.
love your work.

Alissa said...

love the pages, gen!
amazing work!
love the blue stamping!

TOM ROCKS and I'm not just saying that because I work there!


sarah.b said...

It is so funny cause I have done tons of layouts, but I still don't get what my style is, it seems to always change, I am a HUGE color fan, but sometime I totally dig just keepin it neutral. SO COOL!

Renee said...

yes, shopping is fun! :)

I love your pages! And that dare pages is so cool! Thanks for the mini-class last night.

Michelle W. said...

fun fun fun...

cool cool cool (pages)

and you better be coming to California soon! We have tons of scrapbook stores here!!