11 July 2006

onesday, twosday...

Must scrapbook this, but for now i'll document it quickly here so i don't forget. This morning Jaxon and I are talking, and it takes me a minute to clue in.

J: "is it Tuesday today?"
me: "yes"
J: is it show-and-tell day today?
m: yes
J: you know what (insert some unintelligible garbled words here) call it?
m: what?
J: ONESday
m: huh? who said that?
J: me.
m: sorry...what did you say?
J: onesday...
m: OOOHHHHH....ONESday, TWOsday...
J: (smiles) yeah!
m: THREESday, FOURsday, FIVEsday...
J: SIXday...SIXday is SATURDAY.
m: you're good...that's really good!

and we have a little giggle.


The Other Half said...

definitely scrapworthy!!

Tammy said...


Sarah said...

ooo! Too cutie pie!!!

Lu said...

I love little people conversations. This one is too funny!

Nisa said...

he's toooo cute.
can't stand it!!!

sarahbee said...

how cute is that!