05 July 2006

colourful, fun, yummy weekend

*...can i just say that i kind of left out a part of the description of the situation with jaxon in yesterday's post. right before i yelled at him, he hit me. hard. i am totally not justifying my reaction or my behaviour (hello, adult), but i read back what i wrote and realized it sounded a little more one-sided than it was. the rest of yesterday and this morning were great. we talked about it again last night and he's (so far - ha!) been listening really well. (exhale)

i know it's wednesday (already!), but i'm still on a high from our long weekend.
we mostly hung around home, but that is such a joy in and of itself.
we have fabulous neighbours in our building...really good friends.
there are lots of kids who get along and play together.
scooters, skateboards, bikes, running, toys, water...it all went on this weekend.
one of the adult friends is a chef.
runs a resaurant specializing in modern mexican...the menu is to die for.
she's been doing a whole lotta cookin for a group of us...YUM.
on sunday we had a BBQ...steak, potatoes, corn, and the best part of all
(that was not cooked on the actual grill)
CRAB (x14)

good times. such good times.
i LOVE summer.
cool dragonfly lights huh?


Missy said...

I hear you on the trying times with the kiddos, babe.
oof. connor had his first MAJOR FIT at Target Saturday. OMG. Took ALL OF MY STRENGTH just to keep composed. urg.

Your weekend sounds FABULOUS.
Good neighbors are a good thing. :)

Andrea said...

Your not alone here, I think all parents had have somthing like that happen. My son has pushed my buttons in the same way and I regreted my reaction. It can only make us better Moms!

The Other Half said...

how adorable are those dragon flies!!!

Anonymous said...

oh god
i wish i had awesome neighbors like that
i have never had awesome neighbors, come to think of it