02 June 2006

tweezers are MIA

this is bad, people. very bad.
if i don't find them soon, i will be suffering from monobrow syndrome.
i have like 5 pairs. where are they!!??
one or two pairs are in my crafty stuff, and, well, they're covered with paint and glue and bits of paper. i don't think they'll function very well for tweezing hair anymore.

in other news, i've been madly scrapping trying to put together a whole bunch of pages for a friend's baby's 1st birthday. want to fill a book. friend would die! (of happiness) baby is named taila. you might remember seeing her a couple times recently. she is the super cute, totally adorable half-asian love muffin who we know is not my own baby (unless i happen to have been cheating on my husband, which, i assure you i have not). i suppose we could have adopted her, but there's been no adopting of children going on in my house either. i do love her almost like she's my own because she's so darn charming and gorgeous. she's got that certain something that some children seem to have that just ropes you right in to thinking you might just want another child. riiiiight. moving right along and away from THAT subject, i will do my best to get things scanned and shared before the party. it's tomorrow.

it's also friday (thank you jesus), and that means another dare is up and running for the current week! i absolutely loved it because i'm forever taking photos that are...well...totally crappy and disappointing! now we get to use them :)

and that's that. now i shall get back to work.


Jen said...

Gorgeous dare, as usual.
And so up my alley cause I am camera retarded.


Michelle W. said...

brow shall be two... mono is bad in this case...

1st b-day is cool. so sweet of you to do that! Love it.

cool dare! now I regret on deleting tons of bad photo. Must go out and take some! LOL.

Robyn said...

hey girl! what is it with missing tweezers and nail clippers. i swear i could put the kiddos through college with the $$ I've spent on nail clippers that keep disappearing.

Off to check out the dare, i've been doing other artsy stuff, and need to grab some scraptime, methinks. your LO is fab, as usual


Caroline said...

yay for bad photos (i take a bunch too haha)
and i hope you find your tweezers!!

Rachelle said...

amazing page Gen!
loving this dare
since i am camera
thanks for the inspiration!!

ArtsyMama said...

Hope the party went well and you didn't have to show up with a unibrow:) Of course would LOVE LOVE LOVE to see pictures of your pages:):)

Missy said...

oh I hope you had fun this weekend! and I hope I see pics!!

and i LOVE LOVE LOVE your dare my dear. yesiree I do.

Alison said...

Scrappage rocks.
So do tweezed brows.
But tweezers, in my experience, are willful little devils that like to hide in the unlikeliest of places.

Anonymous said...

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