28 June 2006

today, jaxon drew a planet.

on himself.
stayed home sick.
with daddy.
'nuff said.
washable markers?
dollar store markers.
bought by mother-in-law from toronto.

i know, it's a large planet.
but, he assures me it IS a planet.
it extends from his belly
to his back
to his arms
to his hands
there's a little planet residue on his face too.
ahhhh the life.


Nisa said...

love this!
so hard!
is it weird that I kinda can't wait to have kids just so they can draw on themselves?
love kids with markers gone crazy.
I have a lil crush on J at this moment.

Tam said...

Incredibly cute Gen!

Jaxon is destined to be a lady killa with those looks and poses...


Miss coloribus said...

Hi, i discover blogsphere, i like yours pages !
Today, in seeing yours photos i think that child drawings are source of inspiration because they are unposed, totally free...may be your work is inspired by energy's jaxon !

sarah said...

cutest photos ever.
J is adorable.
non-washable markers and all . . .
too cute!

Nicole said...

That planet is so rockin'!!!:)
sounds like W. and J. would get along great . . . W. is so into to planets and stars right now.

Caroline said...

sooooo freaking ADORABLE!!!!

Melanie said...

LOL...I have to say I read your blog on occassion, mainly because
1) you're a Canadian effer, and
2) your kid looks like the boy version of mine.

The funniest thing is she did the same thing when she was about his age. Although she was a much less willing photo participant, so the LO didn't turn out as I had imagined in my head. He's a doll :)

Anonymous said...

i ask you, isn't this why one has children? the innocent, gorgeous spontaneity of it all.

Missy said...

can I have him?

Mara said...

THIS is adorable.
dollar store markers and planets.
i LOVE it.