12 May 2006

she outtie

i'm off for the weekend!
going to spend time w/ friends at a cabin on a lagoon.
no computer.

and also, it was dare day today!
check out the blog for details.
hope everyone has a wooonderful weekend.

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Caroline said...

i so love this week's dare.
and i love how you used the starbucks sleeve on yours!

happy weekend!

Alison said...

Oh dang you're cool.
I'm into the dare.
Can't do it this week, but will do it soonest.

Sarah said...

oooh...a lagoon!!!
Love that layout and the dare!!!

sarah.b said...

this is wonderful, i love the bar code, that is one of my new things, really dig your style!

Mara said...

great page, dear.
lovin the coffee holder thingy.
you rock.
i hope you had a good weekend!

The Other Half said...

happy mother's day...you deserved a getaway!!

Robyn said...

happy mama day! glad you got a little off time :)


Spidergirl said...

good heavens you make some cool stuff!

Vee said...

I love this lo.
it ROCKS!!!

Anonymous said...

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