15 April 2006

the woe files pt. deuce

email to bossman tonight:
"could you please email me all my safari bookmarks? [currently stored in the apple baby you stole back from me...yeah i know you just bought me a laptop but i'm suffering remorse] thanks much. g."
blog much?

seriously...i suppose i *could* go through all previous posters and pea files and all that...but you know...uhm....just lazy i guess.
oh. and it's 1:08am. tired and lazy.
and constantly pressing the wrong button.
like the red "x" instead of "queue" on an email.
not good.
are you SICK of hearing me complain yet?
it will get better. i swear. it HAS to!!! :D
at least i'm getting lots of scrapping done!
at some point, you might see it.

sweet dreams my loves.


Mara said...

scrapping?! what's that...
i feel like i haven't touched patterned paper in days!

Anonymous said...

did you say scrapping?
uhm, i didn't see any cool new gen lo's in my email...
*hint hint hint*
love ya!

April said...

is gen over her woe-ness yet? hee hee....

hope you had a great easter!


Caroline said...

scrapping? how come i'm not seeing it? heehee