05 April 2006

last night i sat on the couch

i actually don't sit down on the couch and relax very often.
it was really nice. i'm too high strung and busy...
my hands always have to be doing something, and normally it's making art or cleaning.
even on the rare occasion i do sit and relax, i have a book or magazine for commercials. i totally tune out during commercials. they irritate me. well, except for a few select good commercials, of course. those are few and far between.
i did do some creative stuff, but realized how tired i was.
so, i sat on the couch with a glass of shiraz and watched boston legal.
relaxed. totally.
such an awesome show, that BL.
james spader is a genius.
so is david e. kelly...but that's sort of a given.

OH! and other TV news...
i finally got to see the project runway finale...finally!!!!
the show was AWESOME. i love love love that show.
i reallyreallyreally wanted santino to bring it and win...
honestly, i think half the reason he didn't win is because all the judges know he's going to be a raging success no matter what - that boy's got talent. his collection was totally BLAH for him...chloe's stuff was fun and well made and she does the whole marketing thing and well...whatever. i guess she totally deserved it. the edited the show well - i thought she was going to show a whole collection of satin prom dresses. yikes! you all probably saw this a month ago. i'm happy to finally be able to KNOW the results and talk about it and eagerly anticipate the next season. but i'm sad it's over. it's like finishing a really awesome book - kinda anti-climactic and depressing when it's over.

and i do have some circle journal fun to share.
i'm in this group dubbed "scrappin divas" by sweet mara
such awesome talent and fun. we will each end up with a wicked book in the end, i'm sure.
my theme is "dreams"...open to any and all interpretation.
here are some shots of my book.
gotta get this puppy in the mail.
oh - and i better get a move on to work. sigh.


Just Rhonda said...

This is a BEAUTIFUL CJ!!!! Love the layers and the paint. Sooo cool. Love the theme too!

Funky Finds said...

Awesome work on the circle journal!

Gillian Greding said...

This CJ looks amazing. Great topic and the design is stunning and sooo visual!

Michelle W. said...

love project runway. Love the CJ!


Missy said...

hooray for relaxing nights!!
and YOU KNOW I love that darned CJ.
Can't wait to get my paws all over it ;) xoxoxo

kah-mei said...

most amazing.

Cindy (RustyBucket) said...

Another Project Runway fan here Gen, though I can't believe you had to wait this long to see the finale ... did you already know who won? Also digging your latest creation - gorgeous as usual ! Ciao, C.

Mara said...

weeeeeeeeeeeee, i get to play with the CJage soon.
It's awesome, gen.
Love it.
Thank you.

Anonymous said...

you are so insanely talented!
to borrow a word of yours,
it's "sick".
i just love everything you touch.
wow wow wow wow wow.
you have to be born w/ artistic talent like that.
how i love your CJ.

Penny said...

Your work is stunning!

jessi said...

Love that little book!!


gabbyfek said...

that is stunning
i am coming to canada to page through it...
yes, i am.

Nisa said...

how sweet does your CJ look???
also...you just saw the PR finale? oh Canada. Don't you miss it terribly now? cuz I do.

Michelle B said...

This is absolutely stunning! It has such an ethereal quality to it. Very dream-like. I love it!