21 April 2006

finally, some art to share.

feels like it's been forever!
nothin like a little dare action to put me in the sharing mood.
the one, the only, the amazingly inspirational ae brought this dare to us and extends it to you.
play - it's fun.

may i just say...i'm a last-minute person.
many of you know...surgery was monday night.
did i have my dare done? no.
did i think about it as i was awaiting the trip up to the OR?
yes. i even mentioned something out loud to dren about bringing my scrap stuff to recovery.
he thought i was joking. i did not laugh.
thank goodness i was out of the hospital...the mama probably would not have allowed it.
but i snuck in some scrap time on the couch yesterday.
thankully, i had printed pix on sunday...planning ahead...who knew!?
chopped and rubbed and stuck and inked...for about a good 4 hours.
let's just say i was NOT speed scrapping yesterday.
it was fun though. but man...i never knew scrapping could be so exhausting!

i encourage you to think in an observational way.
it's very interesting and eye-opening.
then translate it artistically.
can't wait to see the creativity that comes out of this one.
thanks ali!


Nisa said...

love it love it love it.
love all the Vegas fiins I recognize.
so rad.
so you.
so freakin' awesome.

erika said...

angel ...i didn't know you were sick!!!! sigh.
so glad you're on the mend...
and making glorious art.
take it easy...xxe

Alissa said...

fabulous page, gen! fabulous dare! i'm so glad you are feeling better. i think you need to treat yourself to some shopping. ;) come on down! we got new 7 gypsies & hs this past week! :)

Robyn L said...

{{{{Gen}}}} I just saw on L-M. Wow- glad you're in recovery mode now, but take it easy, ok? Let 'em wait on you a bit. You're cracking me up wanting to take scrap stuff to the hospital- now that's a devoted scrapper! :)

Ruth Pannell said...

Saw your Go See page from The Dares website which I just discovered last night after reading Ali Edwards website. Your page is amazing, really intelligent, clever, visually appealing and so unique. Was it a mixture of digital and scrapbooking? Anyway, I'm new to scrapping and digital stuff, so your work is a great inspiration to me.

Séverine said...

LOVE this!

Hope you feel better!


Sarah said...

love it!

Anonymous said...

Where did you find it? Interesting read » »