09 April 2006

bye-bye mac

big changes in gen's computer land this weekend.
gotta take the imac back to work.
i'm hiring someone to help me out w/ gfx stuff...so i needed it there.
however, it turns out that we need another computer there too...
and i still need a computer at home!
bummer part?
mac laptop of any kind = mucho $$$ cha-ching!
i will save my pretty pennies and buy myself one...one day.
but for now, we have the boss-sponsored hp pavilion whatever whatever...
it's super fast dude.
like faster than my mac.
so although i'm so sad to say goodbye to my cute and beautiful and friendly and lovely and awesome little mac....
well...this baby flies! and has 160 GIGs for me to load up with graphics & photots.
oh, and it has a 17 inch screen. yeppers.

and i have the "fun" IM now too ;)

i spent the better part of this weekend backing up my files and photos onto dvd, and moving stuff to the new machine. what a chore!! but i'm done and well...that's a good thing...a major relief. i forgot to get my bookmarks off my old computer. damn.

desperate housewives & grey's anatomy are both reruns tonight.
dren has aliens on.
right. uhm. might be bedtime for me.

hope everyone had a fabulous weekend.

i love having a computer w/ a wireless card.

life is good :)


Michelle W. said...

laptop with wireless card is so cool... Mac is too much... Plus I don't like it I can't use control/alt/delete! lol


Missy said...

hooray for wireless!!
and now we can FUN IM from our respective couches!! wooo hoo baby :)

The Other Half said...

yay for new computers...and yay for wireless...i'm lovin my new wireless

Mara said...

you said bye bye to apple?!
sad sad sad...
glad you're liking the new one though!

Anonymous said...

where the heck have you been?!?!
i totally miss my girl!

Robyn L said...

wireless is cool- i only get it when dh is home, though, it's his work laptop. i think my computer is fried....grrrr, so limited computer time for me, but mmaybe i'll be more art journal productive now. :)