09 March 2006

neglectful blogger

with no time to spare.
but you know what...i've had a lot of time to think.
maybe i need to take my digital voice recorder with me on my new bus journey to work every morning.
MAN...in the silence of WALKING BY MYSELF, my mind races.
ideas, thoughts, philosophy...it all just runs rampant.
my quiet place used to be the bathroom...
thinking is good for my brain...i can feel it.

tomorrow is new dare day.
supa dupa inspirational cool e.falconbridge is the miss march chica
SUCH good stuff this girl churns out. love it.

adjusting to dren working nights.
he comes to bed around 5:30am and i get up.
i come home and he's gone. crappy huh?
but i get time to myself...i get to miss him...
i think for the short term it might actually be a good thing.
love the man like no one else.

hope you all have a wonderful sleep, sweet sweet dreams...

1 comment:

Missy said...

awwww babe!!
you know I can totally relate to the different shifts thing... you'll make it :) I know this.