03 March 2006

fish lips and being too busy

first, the lips (cuz, why not?)

we be silly. i like that.

this week has continued to be insane work-wise.
this is a brief glimpse into a day in the life of me lately:
6:00 alarm goes off
6:07 alarm goes off again (i do hit the snooze button, yes i do)
6:14 alarm goes off again (this time i seriously consider getting up. decide against it)
6:21 alarm goes off (immediately hit snooze)
6:28 alarm goes off (turn alarm OFF...gasp!)
6:29 turn on little light and squint at the pile of clothes on the floor and into the closet, trying to decide what to wear
6:30 get out of bed, stumble to bathroom
6:31 - oh heck i can't seriously go through my whole day minute by minute...
7:30/7:45 arrive @ work
1:00(ish) pause for a bite and a teeny break
4:00 hmmmm time to go home (don't go home, keep working)
4:01 phones are off, blast music and try to focus on some work
6:00(ish) finally pack up and leave
6:30 arrive home
6:35 cram some food in the mouth, madly play and visit w/ boys
7:00 start getting j ready for bed, or d does
7:30 spend some time on computer, answering emails or working more, scrap if i'm lucky
8:00 yawn so much i decide to just veg on the couch instead
(i have no real clue what happens in this time slot...twilight zone)
10:30(ish) decide i'm probably too tired to do anything i should just go to bed

exciting life, huh!!??


No_Mountain_2_High said...

It's nice to see someone whoese day is as confuseing as mine!
It reminds me of Connecting the dots in some puzzle !

Missy said...

umm yes. Did you sneak into my house?
Because THIS IS MY LIFE. I sure hope things calm down soon!!

Caroline said...

ha. i love that pic!

Michelle W. said...

how cute are you guys! Yicks! I don't know what it's like waking up at 6 for so long.


Lu said...

OHH, I love the pic of you two.