16 February 2006

wanna see...

...what i got for v-day?
dren took some inspiration from the g(s) layout i was in the process of making...
cut up some of his own chester paper and came up with this:

and wrote something soooooper sweet inside too (of course).
and wanna hear something funny?
i had spent a bunch of time the night before cutting out bits and pieces for my layout.
i walked in the door tuesday after work and just about flipped my lid...
i thought he used MY bits and pieces!
goes to show how presumptious i can be.
i thankfully kept my mouth shut long enough to actually walk over to the table and take a closer look.
what a wonderful wife i am...ick.
but i'm workin on it...i am.

oh, and here's the g(s) page (vegas3:g2&g1):

happy thursday loves!
2 more work days then the weeeeekend!


The Other Half said...

OMG!!! how funny! and i love love love this layout!!!

Nisa said...

oh...love the man making the scrappy card! so rad!
and how much do I love that LO?!?!%)*#&!@~~!
that's not swearing- that's excited.

Mara said...

aww, love that G LO!!

Missy said...

ohhhh I love love love this page. To of my girlies :) smiling and silly. love that you did this page G2 :)

gabbyfek said...

i love it
i do
i love you
i do
i love your card-age
i do
you are the best.
uh huh.
you are.

gabbyfek said...
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Jen said...

I think I would have the same reaction as you , just so you know. Bad wives we are. Hehe.
And fabulous layout, as usual.

em said...

so so sweet. i love when my husband sneaks into my supplies and makes little things for me! (but i do not love it when i catch him trimming his fingernails with my fiskars scissors!)

Alexandra Wieckowski said...

Awwwww, what a sweetie! Love your layout, such a CUTIE pic of you two!

Sarah said...

Cracking up about the outrage of him stealing the bits you cut! Even if he didn't! I'll bet it took a minute to recover and be grateful for his sweet card!

The page you made is absolutely the BOMB.

Laura said...

Wow - that page if flippin awesome. And your v-day card? Definitely publishable. :) What a guy...

Gillian Greding said...

Gorgeous layout! Love everything about it!

angieoh! said...

Very very cool layout. Congrats on becoming a "darer"? Is that we are supposed to call the formerly known as effers now? :) Regardless, can't wait to see your stuff!

Kathy said...

Gen this is amazing! You are doing right by that white gel pen!

Anonymous said...

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