04 February 2006

last night

so while i'm mostly obsessed with my recent trip to vegas and all things vegas and my pictures and oh yeah getting settled back into home life and figuring out how to tell the whole vegas story in pictures when my iPhoto will NOT cooperate...i just wanted to share with you what i did last night.

my sister and i finally made and kept a date. it was really nice to spend time with her and catch up and have some fun. aley and i do this weird connect/disconnect thing every once in a while and it feels good to be connected again. she scored some free tickets to an art opening last night at the vancouver art gallery. the artist's name is brian jungen and he is amazing. a local vancouver aboriginal artist who has become famous for making traditional native masks from nike athletic shoes.

how cool is that!!??

you can read more about him and the show here...
(sorry - too lazy to link properly...is there an easy way to do it??)


Jen said...

That is freakin WICKED!! WOW!!!

So glad youi guys had a wonderful time. But gladder (not a word, i know, made it up) that you're all home!!

Kathy said...

Those are totally amazing Gen, they would have been neat to see in person!

So glad to have you home :D

Anonymous said...

ok, that's a little different...
shoes made into masks?
i just don't have it in me to think of these crazy things!
i miss you already!!!!!!!!!!!!
when are we gonna see each other again?!?!?!?

April said...

dude that is wicked cool.

im with erin - who thinks of that stuff?!?

glad you reconnected w/ your sister! how fun!


gabbyfek said...

is that a SHOE?
how incredibly cool.
i wanna come to vancouver and be cool w/ you....
you can hold my sweatshirt hostage until that day comes, ok?!