21 February 2006

the boy can ride!!

i emerged from the pits today early enough to get to take j out for a little ride.
just me and him. so nice.
and his training wheels are officially OFF.
super exciting!
he is just so good...lil thing.
got this from the weekend...
just 3 days ago...
when he was still learning if you can believe that.
i's a proud & happy mama today.


Mara said...

so cool.
such a very happy moment.

Missy said...

oh my. that little munchkin is ADORABLE.
love love love that pic... and hooray for no training wheels!!!

Nisa said...

ah! so cute!
on the two-wheeler!
yeah lil man!
I think I was like six when I lost the training wheels.
also- is that pic from last weekend?
and I see green grass?
so jealous.

Sarah said...

Wow! That's wonderful! He's so little!

April said...

aw you are such a good mom! that picture is too cute...cant wait to see you scrap it!


Anonymous said...

cute little jaxon!
maybe he can come over and teach jaden to ride without his training wheels now!
i hope work slows down for you soon!!!

Klala said...

OMG he is freaking adorable. I love his little facial expression, and Dren being the cutest dad ever in the background. So good.

Lu said...

that is just so wonderful and must have been a great accomplishment for him.

Kirsten said...

OMG look at him concentrating so hard! Kaelyn sticks out her tongue too when she's thinking...maybe we should introduce them! heehee...how exciting is NO training wheels!?!