21 January 2006

our family according to jaxon

this made my heart smile the moment i saw it in j's cubby on thursday.
this made my whole day.
this made my life feel so good.

and then, i found out. i have no brain.

of course, there is a funny story to go along with it too.

you see the ball thingies above two of the heads?
i asked jaxon in the car on the way home..."what is this above daddy's head?"
jaxon: "that's daddy's brain"
me: "oh! wow!"
dren: "what do you think it means that you have no brain?"

sooo...apparently daddy has half a brain, jaxon has a whole brain, and mama has no brain. :(


Renee said...

HAHAHA!! What a funny kid!!! LOL!!
Where does he come up with this crazy stuff....oh to be a kid again!! LOL!
You gotta save this one and show it to his kids one day! LOL!!

Have fun at TOMs today Gen!!! Call me when you get back. :)

Anonymous said...

you may have no brain,
but he gave you some wicked cool hair!
and we all know hair is WAY more important than a brain anyday!
hee hee hee!
love ya girl!

heidi said...

tooo funny!

erika said...

HAHA!!!! OMGOSH I love this...
jaxon = funny. xxxe

Missy said...

tee hee... looks like jaxon's got some funniness to him :) lil stinker.

I think your brain is so big... it just couldn't fit on the page ;)

gabbyfek said...

tee hee.
i have the giggles now....
ummm, and yes, i agree w/ missy.
your brain is all-encompassing.

Jodi said...

that's so funny...

Robyn said...

hehehe! total cuteness! :)

April said...

he called you out for no brain...what a lil devil! apparently he thinks you have really static-ey hair too. tee hee hee...


ps - SIX DAYS!

Jen said...

He he he.

Nicole said...

LOL! How cute!:)

Kathy said...

lol Gen you have GOT to include that in a scrapbook or journal.

tee heee too cute ;)

susieq said...

Oh that is too adorable!