17 January 2006

good day

Today was a good day.

I was off work at a reasonable time; yet felt I accomplished a lot.
Came home with Jaxon, who was in a horrible mood.
About 15 seconds after we walked in the door, a neighbour came by with her 3 year old and asked if Jaxon could come play at their house. Um...hell ya!
Dren and I were alone. In our house. At the same time. Wow.
Then he made dinner and I went to fetch Jaxon.
Then it was bathtime. I had some good moments with him today and some not-so-great moments. One minute he loves me, the next he's being a total evil 4 year old.
"Ya!? SO!?" ... "I hate stuff"...<---- now THAT was hilarious ... "well I'm not going to play with you"
Anyway, got him off to bed.
Hopped over to the previously-known-as Dining Room Table to create.
I need to complete my hof entry. Yep. Goin for it.
I have a couple photo swaps in the works and a couple gifts to make.
All the while watching a movie w/ D.
I'm a multi-tasker while scrapping or cleaning. Half-listen half-watch.
And yes, that's why when you ask me to remember some specific part of a movie, I may not be able to, unless it's a favourite and I've watched it twenty times.
Good day. Long...worked hard...but good. I think that's what makes me appreciate its goodness.

Can't share hof stuff, but I can share the page I did tonight for my dear friend Sandrine. What a talented lil scrap this girl is. Her beatiful boys Hugo and Logan...sur la plage.


Sandrine said...

This is absolutely gorgeous my friend ! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS FABULOUS LAYOUT ! You know how I cherish our friendship (not sure about the translation but I'm sure you understand what I mean)! You are the sweetest person I know. Thanks again Gen and have a wonderful day

Ashley said...

i love you...
and your words...
i wish i was there with you to hang out with and scrap...
you DESERVE time with dren...
you should mark dates on the calendar and stick with them.
hire a sitter.
get dolled up.
and i should totally take my own advice.
you will SO win HOF.
just don't get a big head ok?
cuz i will whoop that ass.


Ashley said...

and your page rocks my world.
it does.

April said...

so um yeah...
that page rocks...
and im so glad you are doing HOF
and ...

ten more days!

glad you had a good day :)


em falconbridge said...

sweet sweet page! love the dots.
horrible at 4??? dont tell me that! i was hoping next year would be different!

Anonymous said...

you know how i love your page!
you doodling queen you!
yay for being alone w/ the hubby,
you'll have to tell me what that's like...
you done w/ HOF yet?
you know i'll keep pesting you,
tomorrow is my scheduled mail off date for your entries.
are they done yet?
don't be ruining my time table for you!

heidi said...

sounds like a fabulous evening. :) love that you are dren got some *along* time. :)

Anonymous said...

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