02 January 2006


...yep, it is.
I have been WAY too on-the-go the last few days and it's time to settle down and enjoy the last two days of holidays I have...just relaxing and reflecting...scrapping and planning.

Today was a huge waste of a day since I was feeling "icky" and couldn't muster up the energy to do anything at all except for a walk around the block. Now that I'm feeling a teeny bit better and coming out of the funk, I can think about the year to come.

simplify...organize...go for it...love...enjoy life...be happy

I was tying my hair up for the millionth time today because the elastic was pulling on it and hurting my scalp. Once the ball of hair on top of my head becomes loose, it starts to pull. I looked at the elastic - all stretched out with that one part that just holds it together...like the elastic is mostly gone. It's just like the other 3 elastics I MIGHT be able to find if I really really looked for them hard.
1) when the elastic breaks, throw it away
2) when you don't have many left, buy more
Following those two simple "rules" if you will, would result in me NOT having a million moments where I get irritated because my head hurts and the elastic is all ugly and broken. NOT having those moments would mean me=happy.

Kinda like...on the floor today I found airplane headphones. I didn't know where I should put them that I might actually find them should we happen to fly on the same airline again (having been on a plane like 2 times in the last 5 years). I couldn't think of the right place, so I threw them into the semi-hidden corner of my bedroom. Is this the home for the headphones? NO. I thought about throwing them away, but then I thought...wasteful. I don't like to be wasteful. Is that why I keep half the crap I keep? Probably. What does keeping the crap do for me? Not much, except irritate me when it's cluttering up my space and then when I can't find a home for it. Here is a HUGE goal for me for this year, which I honestly believe will make me happier...



For me...all the STUFF that I honest truly don't need is stressing me out!! Really...it's affecting my brain...the way I think, whether I can get motivated.

What is still good and useable will be going to Big Brothers, a local organization that collects used goods (clothing, household stuff...pretty much anything sell-able) and uses the money to fund their organization. They phone and tell you when they'll be in your area and come to pick everything up. No more "oh, I'll have a garage sale" or "someone might want this" or "i think i will definitely use this soon". No more of that!

K...enough ranting for now. I'm looking forward to doing my reflective/soul-searching/goals page (thanks Kathy!).


gabbyfek said...

ah, my g2, how i hear you.
oh yes i do.
and i am planning a hypothetical garage sale, too-- i think you're right-- perhaps i should just take all that stuff somewhere instead....
here's to the new year!
much love,

erika said...

i always feel better when i give the "stuff" away that i think i'll sell at some point....it feel so good to simplify....love it.
happy new year lovebug ;)

April said...

gawd i had this convo w/ my mom today...after staying at her house for 12 days...she has more STUFF than anyone ive ever seen. i told her i was gonna call TLC's Clean Sweep. bwahahahaha....

clear the clutter! go girl!


Anonymous said...

it feels so good to be clutter free!
not that i am,
but i've found it so liberating to just throw stuff or give stuff away these days.
i highly recommend it!
i've missed you girl!

Anonymous said...

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