29 November 2005


He has been SOOO good the past two days. Maybe he sensed something. I don't know, but really, he has been an absolute angel and that has helped me to no end. Even helped me grocery shop and was patient the whole time.

Thank you thank you thank you...
To all you wonderful people who cheer me up when I am down. Kind words, virtual hugs, real hugs, good old fashioned friendship love and support. Means the world and it actually works :)

Having a good day. Such a good day.

Found a bunch of supply stuff that I thought I lost after discovering one by one that I couldn't find:
1. The thing I had been working on (oh well, I'll move on to something else...it's bound to turn up).
2. My ink pads (umm...ok that's weird but whatever...I'll use these other ones).
3. My scissors (OK. WTF is going on here. Am I going crazy???).
No. You're not. You used all of this stuff the other night and put it away (!!??? I know right!!???) in a box. Double whatever. It's found - hallelujah! (sp?).

Maroon 5
This music makes me happy.
It's sexy, warm, chair-dancing-at-work-while-you-sing type music.

Garden State Soundtrack
So good. It even gets better the more you listen to it.

It's snowing!!! Love love love it! Specially when my little love says to me..."I'm so exciting that it's snowing mama! Are you exciting too?". Well, I like to think so darling. I'll ignore the fact that it's turning into a wet sloppy mess as I type...

Don't grocery shop when you're hungry.
Bought chocolate chips popsicles for J nice bread 3 kinds of cheese some pre-marinated souvlaki things that looked sooooo good and they better BE good...tater tots popcorn dip for the chips (gasp!) nuts liverwurst etc etc etc. LOTS of food. We are well stocked. I better stay active with all the eating I'll be doing. It's not like I'm even feeding a grown man afterall...Jaxon better be going through a growth spurt right quick!

The best thing to come out of actually having groceries:
THE best salads ever.
They are a MEAL.
bottom of bowl = balsamic vinaigrette or dressing of your choice
cut up into small pieces and throw in:
cucumber tomato celery mushrooms green beans peas peppers carrots zucchini or any combination of any of the vegies you love
chick peas (they are protein and they're good for you)
feta cheese (YUM)
serve on a bed of lettuce and you've got yourself a filling, healthy meal!
i don't mix the lettuce in cuz if i have leftovers it gets soggy (EW)
i make lots and i eat the leftover vegie/feta part the next day for lunch.

I'm leaving work momentarily for my break and I'm picking up my new bag that I special ordered a month ago.
SO excited. Plus the envelopes I also ordered a month ago. 500 5.5" square envies for $45. Not too shabby.

It's a good day. Thanks for riding this roller coaster with me.

Do any of you need some envelopes?


erika said...

oooh gen
i'm so glad you're having a better day ;)
what a cutie picture of your boy...
i'm super hungry now after reading your blog...
not nice! HA!!!

gabbyfek said...

want one NOW....
so glad you're having a good day...
and a good salad...
which i now must go find...

April said...

girl you sound SO much better. and that makes me happy. yay!

your little man is the CUTEST. and shopping goodies are the bestest.

but not as good as that salad sounds. SO YUMMY. think ill have one for dinner to counteract the pizza i had for lunch. OOPS.


Jen said...

I am soooooooo glad you're feeling better. Good. Good news.


What the hell do you need 500 envelopes for??!@!!

april said...

holy crap! where'd you find envies so cheap? I've been looking for square, but cant find them THAT cheap! :P