18 November 2005

in a state of bliss

in the hotel room that has become our home-away-from-home.
i love d's laptop.
i love that he had a bottle of wolf blass yellow label and a cute little glass waiting for me.
i love that he bought jaxon madagascar.
i love chillin with my man on the weekends.
i love that i brought only a backpack this time and no scrap supplies. i just need one night off...i'm craving it already...but the break is still bliss.
my honey is in the shower and i'm bloggin for a bit.
my other honey is sound asleep with promises of alex the lion in the a.m. dominating his dreams i'm sure.
i love how our little weekly trip has turned into making little friends in the kidzone on the ferry.
i love that my man might be coming home next week.
right now i'm loving life...in a state of bliss.
ya ya...could have something to do with the couple glasses of yummy red.


Jen said...

Oh Gen.......good for you. To all of it, just GOOD for you. And hey...I need your e-mail addy, send it to me! MIne is jenjock1@yahoo.com. K??

Jodi said...

sounds likes you are having a good day! :) Enjoy!

April said...

woo hoo for bliss! yay gen...hope you have tons o' fun!


Ashley said...

i really and truly do think it has something to do with the wine...
but this post has made my heart HAPPY...
because i know how stressed you've been.
with work.
with scrap work ;)
with being alone.
and through these words i see how happy you are.
if only for a moment (or a night)
i can see how at peace you are.
and that makes me happy.
love you G.

gabbyfek said...

how much do i love that signature?!;) and the peace and sweetness of this post?
oh so much.....
sounds like you had a wonderful time....
and like you very much deserved it.

Anonymous said...

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